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Water Leak Problems? You’re In Good hands.

CrackerJack Plumbing Pro’s serves the entire central Arkansas area and beyond. Our company can handle any plumbing problem and is well versed in tackling and repairing leaks in pipes and pipe bursts. Whether it’s an emergency, or a small drip, rely on the plumbing pros at CrackerJack plumbing Pros.

We’ve assembled the best team in the upstate region to tackle any plumbing problem you may be facing. Whether you are in Heber Springs or Bentonville, we have professionals standing by ready to take care of your water leak issue.

We Stop Water Leaks Fast!

You’ve just gotten home when all of the sudden you hear a hissing and dripping noise coming from somewhere in your home. “Oh no!” you are thinking, “I Have a leak!”. You know that a leak in your home is an emergency- but you are wondering who can get out fast enough to ensure that your home doesn’t sustain any major damage. You get on the web and search for a plumber, and it takes you right to this page. The good news is that you are in great hands. We can come out quickly and resolve your leak, and give referrals for any water mitigation services you may need as a result of the leak. Our emergency service line is always open at 1-888-482-1922.

What If I Suspect a Leak in my Slab?

No Problem! CrackerJack Plumbing Pros is equipped with ultrasonic and electronic leak detection devices and can find and repair slab leaks as well. Of course, slab leaks can be hard to find, and may require cutting up the concrete slab. Once on site, your CrackerJack Plumbing Pro will assess the leak, and will compose several options to repair the leak by either capping it off, running a new line elsewhere, or by cutting the concrete and repairing the existing line. Our last resort is to cut up the slab.

I Have a Wet Spot or Puddle on The Ground in Front of my Home, Should I Call a Plumber?

A wet ground can indicate a few problems. If your ground is mostly clay and we’ve had a lot of rain, it could just be standing water. If the puddle persists or gets larger, especially if we have not had rain, you could have a main line pipe burst that needs to be repaired by a licensed plumbing firm like CrackerJack Plumbing Pros. Of course, if the water smells or the yard smells, and you have a septic system, you may have drain field problems that need to be assessed or an overflowing septic tank. Whatever the reason, calling us will give you peace of mind. Our team can quickly identify the cause and provide you with solutions to repair.

There is Water Leaking from My Ceiling, where is it Coming From?

Water leaking from your ceiling can come from several sources. Roof leaks can cause water damage to become visible on your ceiling sometimes days after a rain. Some attics are equipped with HVAC equipment and AC coils which produce water. When an AC coil freezes or when a drain line plugs up it can leak water into the attic and cause water damage in the ceiling. Lastly, plumbing piping may run through your ceiling or through floor joists if the house is 2 stories. Typically, we see leaking from copper piping or galvanized piping, and more rarely CPVC and PEX. If you have a metal pipe that is leaking, it could be due to water quality or pressure issues. Our plumbers will not only assess the leak but will also assess the piping to ensure we solve the problem at it’s root cause and prevent any future leaks as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Toilets can leak, run, and clog. In fact – 70% of all plumbing problems revolve around toilet failures. Let your failed toilet become CrackerJack Plumbing Pros problem. Our plumbers are trained to diagnose any plumbing issue and get your toilet working the way it should be.

Did you know? Running toilets can easily be responsible for MASSIVE water bills? If your toilet is running water or making water fill sounds all the time- you should call us and schedule an appointment to get it repaired before you pay twice in your water bill.

Clogged toilet repair is one of our most requested services. If your toilet wont flush or wont clear with a standard plunger, we can get it cleared for you! Check out out $79.00 Drain Cleaning Special on single fixture clogs in Central Arkansas.

Has your bathroom tub or shower stopped working? We provide shower repair service in Pulaski County and the surrounding counties in Arkansas.

Showers and tubs can fail in a variety of ways. If your shower valve is hard to turn, it’s a good idea to call us to get it fixed before the problem becomes worse. If your shower doesn’t get hot, your valve may have failed. We repair and replace shower and tub valves, faucets, shower heads, overflow and drain issues, in-wall and external drips and leaks. We also provide shower and tub replacement services.

CrackerJack Plumbing Pros is the company more of your neighbors prefer for our excellent quality and attention to detail. When it comes to shower and tub repair there is no company more equipped to handle your shower repair than CrackerJack Plumbing Pros.

The water piping in most of the homes in Central Arkansas are very old. If your home was built prior to the 1970’s the chances are incredibly high that you probably have galvanized water piping in your home. Galvanized piping systems have a life span of around 40 years and rust out from the inside.

Even if the piping looks good from the outside, the chances are high that the inside is corroded, and full of debris, algae, and other harmful and hazardous to health toxins. This is because most piping systems fail from the inside out. You will need a plumbing pro to assess your piping to see if it needs to be replaced.

We repair and replace water piping systems due to leaks, rust, corrosion, or any other factor that may be causing your property damage or a loss of water in the home.

CrackerJack Plumbing Pros is capable of finding slab leaks, crawl space leaks, water heater leaks, and leaks inside of walls. If you hear running water or see standing water outside in the yard, even though it hasn’t rained…don’t wait! Call us immediately at 1-888-482-1922 to get your water piping resolved.

CrackerJack Plumbing Pros offers full DWV pipe repair and replacement services. Your home may have cast iron drains that need to be replaced. Cast iron is a great, but heavy piping system that was installed in residential homes until the 1970s. Cast iron drain systems may corrode internally and break or become susceptible to root penetration. Cast iron piping systems can also leak from the joints, letting sewage into your home, basement, or crawlspace. We always recommend that if you have these systems in your home, that you call us at 1-888-482-1922 to perform a full drain pipe evaluation.

We also replace in ground drain piping to the sewer or septic. Sometimes, if the home is older, you may have Orangeburg piping in ground. This piping can easily be disrupted and broken by tree roots. If you suspect this piping system is installed underground in your home we offer free no cost estimates to evaluate and replace.

Of course, some modern piping systems also have problems. When drain piping systems aren’t installed correctly, it can lead to clogs that happen more often than they are supposed to. If you are having any drain issues or see or have sewage in your crawl space, give us a call or book online!

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Cracker Jack is an awesome company. I called this morning they were at my house by 12. Brandon Stowe is the best. He explained everything to me so I could understand it. He was very polite, respectable, and did his job very well. David was also here to help with the job, and everything went great. I will recommend Cracker Jack to any and everyone I know. Ask for Brandon and/or David. Two amazing techs😊.
I would suggest this company to anyone.

Devin Smith, Greenville SC


I was very pleased with Andre! His professionalism was top notch and I would recommend cracker jack plumbing for all your plumbing needs! They even came out on a Saturday!

Christy Massingale, Anderson SC


We were so fortunate to have Brandon come out on a rainy Saturday. Our house is undergoing renovation and workers have removed two of our three toilets. The one left became clogged and was unable to be used. There was also backup in the kitchen sink and we could not do laundry or dishes for fear of a backup/overflow. Brandon diagnosed the problem quickly and worked to resolve it. He even had to go into town to get some additional equipment. He did all this with a smile, a pleasant demeanor and a professional attitude. We so appreciate him, his work and Cracker Jack Plumbing. We will definitely call on them for future plumbing needs!

Pamela Whitaker, Iva SC


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CrackerJack Plumbing Pros is a member of the CrackerJack Home Services family. Started in 2019, our company has grown from California to South Carolina, to Arkansas by being courteous, prompt, and efficient in our diagnosing and repairing plumbing, HVAC, and home appliances. Arkansas is home to our flagship plumbing branch where we continue to practice the same values that have grown our organization. Thank you so much for trusting our family to take care of yours, and remember, CrackerJack literally means exceptional.