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CrackerJack Plumbing Pros are drain cleaning experts. All of our drain services include a full crawl space/drain pipe inspection to verify the integrity of your drain piping prior to cleaning. This process ensures that your drains get cleaned correctly and that your drain issues get resolved without multiple visits. Have drain issues? No Problem! All of our trucks are equipped with small and large drain clearing tools including large main line drain auguring machines. We also offer Hydro Jetting services and Drain Clearing.

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If your drain clogs often you may need to re-pipe some of your existing drain system or you may have a root that is growing in your drain system. We offer drain camera inspection services to get down to the “root” of the problem. You will feel secure knowing that our team of highly trained professionals takes pride on always doing a thorough and comprehensive inspection of your homes drain system prior to charging you for a drain cleaning that you will only have to repeat again in a short time. We never cut corners.

Roots seem to be the problem? Our CrackerJacks are roto-rooting pros. We have equipment that can cut away at roots and restore your homes drain system ensuring it works properly. We can also save you thousands of dollars in future trouble by offering options and drain cleaning solutions that meet your needs anywhere in Anderson, Greenville, Spartanburg, or the surrounding areas. Book online or give us a call today.

That’s okay! Our diagnostic fee is just $69 and we never do any further work without your approval. Our plumbing pros can quickly identify what service you will need and give you any additional suggestions that may increase the life or integrity of the drain system. 

Most often, drain systems need to be augured our thoroughly before they are returned to service to ensure that you do not have any additional clogging issues. Our team will educate you on your problem and help you make an informed decision. You are in great hands when you pick up the phone and call our team. 

CrackerJack Plumbing Pros offers full DWV pipe repair and replacement services. Your home may have cast iron drains that need to be replaced. Cast iron is a great, but heavy piping system that was installed in residential homes until the 1970s. Cast iron drain systems may corrode internally and break or become susceptible to root penetration. Cast iron piping systems can also leak from the joints, letting sewage into your home, basement, or crawlspace. We always recommend that if you have these systems in your home, that you call us at 1-888-482-1922 to perform a full drain pipe evaluation.

We also replace in ground drain piping to the sewer or septic. Sometimes, if the home is older, you may have Orangeburg piping in ground. This piping can easily be disrupted and broken by tree roots. If you suspect this piping system is installed underground in your home we offer free no cost estimates to evaluate and replace.

Of course, some modern piping systems also have problems. When drain piping systems aren’t installed correctly, it can lead to clogs that happen more often than they are supposed to. If you are having any drain issues or see or have sewage in your crawl space, give us a call or book online!

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So professional but incredibly kind and friendly too! David did a fantastic job and quickly. He really went above and beyond and I appreciate it immensely! Added bonus, my cats liked him. 😊

SC Ortho RN , Greenville SC


I was very pleased with Andre! His professionalism was top notch and I would recommend cracker jack plumbing for all your plumbing needs! They even came out on a Saturday!

Christy Massingale, Anderson SC


We were so fortunate to have Brandon come out on a rainy Saturday. Our house is undergoing renovation and workers have removed two of our three toilets. The one left became clogged and was unable to be used. There was also backup in the kitchen sink and we could not do laundry or dishes for fear of a backup/overflow. Brandon diagnosed the problem quickly and worked to resolve it. He even had to go into town to get some additional equipment. He did all this with a smile, a pleasant demeanor and a professional attitude. We so appreciate him, his work and Cracker Jack Plumbing. We will definitely call on them for future plumbing needs!

Pamela Whitaker, Iva SC


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