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Water Treatment & Filtration Services

CrackerJack Plumbing Pro’s serves the entire Central Arkansas area and beyond. We are water treatment and filtration experts. In fact, every service call comes with a FREE 17 spot water test. You’re in great hands with our team.

Water quality is an important factor to consider in any home. We regularly ingest water from our tap without knowing what’s in it. Our team can not only tell you how healthy or unhealthy your water is, we can recommend and provide solutions to make it healthy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whole home water filtration and treatment systems provide significantly higher quality water throughout your entire home.

Removing Contaminants 
A good filtration system is essential for removing the harmful contaminants that are often found in water delivered from your municipality water source.

In addition to removing hard contaminants from water, home owners may also want to remove the possibility of other contaminants that make our water toxic, such as lead, mercury, and too much chlorine.

Some home owners with suppressed or compromised immune systems may find that pure and treated drinking water is better for their health.

In the end, when talking about savings, you must consider a few factors. Savings from proactive and preventative health management by drinking clean water, savings from the reduction of store bought water bottles, and savings for the broader economy by reducing plastic waste by filtering water at your own home.

We believe there are plenty of savings available to offset the initial cost of investing in your health and your household by purchasing and installing a new water filtration system with CrackerJack Plumbing Pros

It depends on the quality of your current water. For some homes, minimal filtration options are enough to bring water to a healthy standard. In many upstate South Carolina homes, we don’t deal with hard water, but in some communities and on well systems, we do. 

You CrackerJack Plumbing Pro will be able to test your water to determine what solutions are available to treat the water in your home. Best of all, we offer FREE equipment estimates. 

A good RO (Reverse Osmosis) system can remove 99% of all harmful contaminants and viruses from your water source, providing cleaner, healthier water for cleaning, cooking, and drinking in your home.

Of course, Reverse Osmosis systems by themselves will strip out everything from water, even the good stuff- so after you run water through an RO system, it must run through a treatment system that will balance out the water and make it consumable once again.

Just like a UV system for air filtration, UV water purifiers can be added to existing filtration or reverse osmosis systems. The benefit to UV is that it destroys viruses and water born bacteria in your water source, resulting in healthy drinking water free of bacteria, virus, and disease. 

Your CrackerJack Plumbing Pro can recommend the right UV solution for your water supply.  

UV is a great cost effective solution to treat your water at a high level, and the system is relatively low maintenance. 

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Cracker Jack is an awesome company. I called this morning they were at my house by 12. Brandon Stowe is the best. He explained everything to me so I could understand it. He was very polite, respectable, and did his job very well. David was also here to help with the job, and everything went great. I will recommend Cracker Jack to any and everyone I know. Ask for Brandon and/or David. Two amazing techs😊.
I would suggest this company to anyone.

Devin Smith, Greenville SC


I was very pleased with Andre! His professionalism was top notch and I would recommend cracker jack plumbing for all your plumbing needs! They even came out on a Saturday!

Christy Massingale, Anderson SC


We were so fortunate to have Brandon come out on a rainy Saturday. Our house is undergoing renovation and workers have removed two of our three toilets. The one left became clogged and was unable to be used. There was also backup in the kitchen sink and we could not do laundry or dishes for fear of a backup/overflow. Brandon diagnosed the problem quickly and worked to resolve it. He even had to go into town to get some additional equipment. He did all this with a smile, a pleasant demeanor and a professional attitude. We so appreciate him, his work and Cracker Jack Plumbing. We will definitely call on them for future plumbing needs!

Pamela Whitaker, Iva SC


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